At Medfab, one of our specialties is to be able to create engineered application specific solutions. Sometimes this involves multi-layer parts manufactured in specially designed jigs or possibly sub assemblies combining machined or fabricated metal components surrounded by foam. Whatever the need, we can provide your most complex, foam or "soft goods" related product.


Medfab is able to produce products, assemblies and sub assemblies from as simple as single part gaskets up to as complicated an item as your imagination can provide. Utilizing die cutting, laminations, sculpture cutting, multi-layering, sub assemblies and value added items and processes, Medfab can handle your toughest project. Foams, metals, plastics, composites, and more are available to our design and engineering teams for the creation of the perfect product. Medfab's dedicated assembly room ensures that your products are built in the best environment available and free from contamination.

We start with our product design, goal and aspirations, then we work with your engineers or supply complete engineering services for you. Our unique combination of design and manufacturing expertise allows us to offer:

Industrial design
Contemporary styling
Cost-reduction ideas
Ergonomic improvements






Heat sink for computer board
Eye protecting surgical facemask 
Molded shoulder humeral fracture orthosis device
Multi-layer shock isolation pad for laptop computer
Multi-layer CRT bezel sealing gasket for ruggedized pen-based handheld computer

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