Utilizing Custom made steel rule dies, Medfab can consistently produce any shaped part out of virtually any material. We manufacture parts from as small as a button to as large as a mattress pad.

At Medfab, we manufacture items as simple as a washer to as complex as multi-layer, multi-material gaskets and shock pads. We utilize one of our various presses (depending on size and tonnage requirement) to produce very accurate parts with up to .003" tolerance requirements. Medfab can manufacture parts in quantities of a single prototype, to millions of parts. One of our specialties is the ability to produce complex, multi-layer parts in our separate assembly room. We can manufacture fully assembled turn-key solutions for our customers. From simple, to simply impossible, no die-cut project is too difficult for us.

We have extensive experience in all types of foam and therefore can help you design and develop virtually any type of die-cut part. Some examples of die-cut parts are, but certainly are not limited to:

Emi RFI Shields Insulators
Gaskets Decouplers
Seals Spacers
Bumpers Packaging
Cushions Filters
Shock & Vibration Pads    

Fishpaper electrical insulator for PCB
Vibration isolation ring  for electric motor
Tacky urethane temporary adhesive pad for guitar tuner
Multi-layer bezel gasket for hand held ruggedized computer




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